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1) Who can benefit from Bayburt University Library?

Bayburt university academic and administrative personnel and students can benefit.

2) I am not a Bayburt University member or student; can I use your library?

Yes, our library also serves guests but they cannot borrow materials.

3) What are the working hours of the library?

Along the academic year, our library serves between 08.00 – 21:00 in the weekdays, and on Saturdays, it is open between 10.00-15.00.

4) How can I contact librarians in case of a question?

While in the library, you can directly as the librarians, while out of the library please use “consult the librarian” button in our website.

5) How many materials can I borrow as a library member and how long can I use them?

Academic staff and master, PhD. Students can borrow 5 books for 21 days, administrative staff can borrow 3 books for 15 days and undergraduates can borrow 2 books for 15 days.

6) How can I prolong the borrowed material?

You can prolong borrowed material by using library automatization by using your log in account either with or without coming to the library. You have a prolong limit of 3 on the web, the prolong button becomes active before 5 days from the expiry date. Materials reserved by other users cannot be prolonged.

7) How much is the delay penalty if I exceed the date of return and how is it applied?

For exceeds, each day is considered as 5 days of inability of borrowing.

 8) How can I reserve a material?

You reserve materials on YORDAM by logging in with your account. Reserve process can only be made on books on borrow.

9) Can I prolong or borrow book for another person?

In both processes, user should do it himself/herself. Returning process can only be made for another person.

10) Who can benefit from the collaboration between libraries?

Every personnel of Bayburt University can benefit.

11) How can I demand for materials from inter- library collaboration?

You can contact related librarian in our library or fill in the ILL demand form in our website and send us.

12) Can I prolong the material from inter library system?

If the library you borrowed the book allows, the prolong demand can be made.

13) Should I pay to benefit from this system?

Books are provided via cargo. Cargo fee is paid by the demander. 

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